The hygge Haagen

I recently made it to a Brooklyn Haagen-Dazs for their free cone day … because the only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream.  It surprised me that the line wasn’t round the block and 3 hours long, like it would have been in Manhattan.  People in New York suffer from severe trend-chasing and FOMO so they’re known to wait in line without even knowing what the line is for.  It’s probably all hipsters and tourists.  In a city of 8 million potential chasers, it only takes a small percentage to create a flood of attention.  Instead of all that Manhattan mayhem, I experienced a lazy, peaceful line that was full of jovial, neighbourhood Brooklynites.  I’m starting to appreciate the Brooklyn chill.

Fun fact that I only learned recently: Haagen-Dazs is not Danish, Scandinavian, Nordic or even European.  Cue the womp womp trombone.  It’s a nonsensical name that was made up to sound charmingly Danish and the 1st store started right here in the Bronx in 1961.  I’m sad to learn about its fake name and the knowledge that it has since been gobbled up by Nestle, but finding out that its a New York creation is cool.  I forgive you, Haagen-Dazs.  I forgive you and I will eat you.

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