Rock rock Rockaway Beach

The 4th of July happened recently, which for me is just another public holiday that I don’t give 2 hoots about.  Something about wasting good tea.  Everyone gets the day off, though, which makes it a good excuse to hang out and do something weekendy mid-week.  I joined some friends at Rockaway Beach, which was less likely to be swarmed than Coney Island, but still close enough to be accessible by ferry and subway.

As a Surfers Paradise native, I generally eschew foreigners’ attempts to show me their “wonderful” beaches, but in the spirit of “‘av a go, ya mug” I gave this beach a crack.  It was gross.  The water was filthy, with rotting fish smell everywhere, rocks on the shoreline, and a vein of garbage floating in the shallows.  Once you got past the rocks and rubbish, it was fairly decent and I felt a little cleaner, but you eventually had to wade back through it again to get onto dry land.  It’s a long island, though, so maybe there was better parts that we missed.

On the plus side, we played frisbee for hours, plus a few card games.  We had a few whiteys that got red roasted, but the US sun wasn’t able to make a dent on me.  I served them the traditional national party dish of my people – fairy bread.  The German guy in our group made a butter kuchen, but I’m pretty sure my bread was more popular than his.  The ferry ride home was especially enjoyable, with views of the seaside houses and Coney Island against a Manhattan skyline.  I don’t need to go to Rockaway ever again, but at least I tried it once and can cross it off my list of places to see.


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