Helping Elon Musk

I was seated in a high school athletics auditorium, surrounded by hordes of chanting kids. They were chanting for blood and victory and pneumatic controllers. Before us lay a scene of competing factions trying to assist mankind’s deep space ambitions by demonstrating their robots for quickly loading cargo into rocket ships. Highly skilled pilots stood … Continue reading

Feeling the Bern

I went to my first ever political rally recently because it was happening nearby, and I wanted to see what they were like. It turns out they’re sort of like going to a football game, but everyone’s rooting for the same team. Everyone wears team colours and waves signs, while high-fiving each other and feeling … Continue reading

The OG of pierogis

I recently went with some friends to a Slovakian pierogi restaurant named Baba’s Pierogis. I think Baba was the OG (original Grandma) in their food story. What’s a pierogi? I didn’t know either, until I encountered them in New York. They’re usually thought of as Polish and are basically the same as dumplings. Sauerkraut and … Continue reading