Mustang Sally for a week

Avis upgraded me to a Mustang Convertible recently because it was the only car they had left when I picked up my work rental. Yeah baby! That makes me cool, right?

This is the first time I’ve been upgraded to something sporty. They sometimes try to tell me how pleased they are to offer me a free upgrade from my hand-picked economy or sedan to a lumbering SUV and I’m all, “yeah, no.”

I guess I should have been happy to try a sports car for once, but I couldn’t even find the button to fold the roof back and blow my wavy locks in the breeze. All I really wanted was fuel efficiency and a hook to hang my work shirts on, but it didn’t have either. After a week, I traded it back in for a more practical car, because that’s how I roll. Sorry but I’m just not a car guy.

Americans say the darndest things:
– When I asked about difference between the 2 sausages on offer, she replied, “one is sausage, the other is hotdog.” When I pressed for more info, she said, “one is hotdog, the other is sausage, but they both have pork.” Thanks, lady. Clear as mud.

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