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I’m no Latin expert, but according to my calculations “carpe urbe” should translate roughly as “seize the city”.  I made it up and it seems fitting for my life at the moment.  I spent the last 4 years in London, trying to capture what it had to offer, and now I’m doing the same in New York.  Robin Williams would be proud.

The point of this blog is to keep you, my friends, updated on my happenings.  It’ll save me having to write personal updates to everyone on Facebook.  I won’t write daily about naval lint and toe clippings, but I also won’t write monthly sagas.  I’m aiming for somewhere inbetween.  My blogs may be just 1 paragraph or many.  I’ll try to keep it interesting to you, but also just include some of the stuff that I found interesting, as I would if I was writing to a friend.

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