Family Feuding

We sat across from each other in groups of 4.  It was Team Euro vs Team Social Deduction, in respect to the styles of board games that we prefer i.e. sociopaths vs socialites; quiet thinkers vs loud talkers; mouth breathers vs political tricksters.  We were competing in a makeshift Family Feud at one of my … Continue reading

A furious Dracula

My friends and I have been playing a lot of Fury of Dracula lately.  It’s a board game where 4 valiant hunters chase the hidden Dracula around Europe, trying to find his trail and vanquish him before his evil plots thicken.  For me, the major draw is that I loved the book and movie of … Continue reading

Democracy in a sea of pandemic

Three of my friends and I recently embarked on a year-long campaign to support the world’s last bastions of civilisation and attempt to find a cure once-and-for-all for the virus that had plagued us all.  In truth, we were actually playing a board game called Pandemic Legacy Season 2.  This particular game is a “legacy” … Continue reading

Strike a Karate Kid pose

I finally tricked some buddies into playing my favourite party game, You Robot.  The premise is simple – the scientist tries to make the robot get their body into a certain position, using only a few cards that show body parts and arrows on them, and the audible word “stop”.  Usually you play it as … Continue reading

Cards Against The Strand

Bookshops and libraries are for reverant, studious people right?  You’d think so but you’d be wrong.  It’s for horrible people. I found this out when The Strand (famous NYC bookstore) recently hosted a Cards Against Humanity event, sponsored by Coney Island Brewery.  This event was held in their Rare Books room, which is probably usually … Continue reading

Cthulhu pizza

On New Year’s Eve, I visited old friends in a really old cottage in Biddenden, UK.  We walked the English countryside, played German board games, wore Star Wars onesies, drank Belgian beer, and generally mucked about aplenty.  We also took turns cooking, which gave me the chance to summon the meal that I’d practised once … Continue reading

Small Imperial Shuttle

While I was in Europe with my companion, we headed over to the UK to meet a few of my old friends for some jolly, dapper, English cottage board gaming in Biddenden.  Driving a French car on British roads proved surprisingly easy until the sun set and the country lanes became progressively thinner, with local … Continue reading

The importance of cookie counting

23 strangers and I entered a wide, dark room and I noticed that 3 tables had been set as though for a dinner for 30 guests. Each of the 30 spots had a circular glow-stick resting on the table and a paper menu standing up within in. The glow sticks were our only light source, … Continue reading

The cupcake had bacon

We all know that Americans are mad about bacon. Many earthlings enjoy bacon but being American is all about being big and extreme. You can’t just like something here; you have to love it with all your heart and make a statement about it. You have to put it in a can, buy it in … Continue reading

Blighty Surprise

Blighty Surprise Ever since I knew I’d be in France for Christmas, I’d been planning how to make a surprise visit to see my London gaming friends. As fortune would have it, most of them were spending New Years together in an English farmhouse, which posed a perfect opportunity for my scheme. I took the … Continue reading


A few weekends ago, I was a roller skating waitress fighting off zombies with my fellow band of survivors. We were stuck in a prison with zombies in all the nearby rooms. Our mission was simple: kill as many of them as possible and then escape. After searching the rooms for weapons and killing a … Continue reading

Here be Dragon Con

My nerd credibility took a hit last fortnight when I failed to realise that I was going to Atlanta during Dragon Con. Six of my NYC gaming buddies had travelled all the way solely for the con but I just happened to be there because work sent me to a customer. All the same, it … Continue reading

Veni, vidi, meeple

January is normally a fairly quiet month for me, birthday-wise.  The only other person that I normally celebrate with is my twin, and that’s getting a bit stale after 33 years.  This year, I attended 2 birthdays and celebrated with 4 other people who all had theirs within a few days of mine.  Where have … Continue reading

BK, the Mini-Me

When I left London, a little hole was created in my closest circle of gaming friends. I’d like to think that I had provided some clever strategy, shameless aggression, cheekiness, sneakiness and general good humour. How could they possibly find all that again in one package? Enter Bonnie Kate. She’s young, she’s crafty, and she’s … Continue reading

Fondant of fabulousness

Some of my gaming friends decided to throw a surprise b’day for one of our number.  They got together and baked him a scrummy red velvet cake and then used fondant to paint a picture of his favourite computer game character on it.  As you can see, it looked amazing, and it tasted just as … Continue reading

Sheep for wood?

The next day, I had my first real outing in Central Park, which I’d been dying to do, now that it’s summer.  The occasion was a Settlers of Catan meetup, and I’m pleased to report that I won 2 of my 3 games.  It was beautiful sitting in Sheep Meadow in the breezy grasses.  I … Continue reading

The Sharks A-baited

Last week I had my 4th poker night with the sharks.  There was a record 11 in attendance, which meant more money, more time and much more sharkishness.  After 4 intense hours of wearing poker faces, there was only 2 of us remaining and we agreed on a split-win, giving me a cool $90 prize.  … Continue reading

When strangers game

I’ve had a lot of spare time lately, so I’ve been hopping all over the city and trying out various board gaming groups/venues.  The variety is astounding.  When I walk into a new place, I just never know quite how friendly, skillful, or “normal” they will be.  In most cases, the thing that brings me … Continue reading

The Agent

When I went to the Mets baseball a few weeks ago, they mentioned a blood drive where donors would receive 2 free tickets to an upcoming game.  It was perfect timing for me because this is a once-a-year event where they bring in blood nurses from all over the state and take thousands of donations … Continue reading

Swimming with the sharks

Last Tuesday, I met a couple of swell board gaming chaps who invited me to their regular Poker night.  2 days later I was sitting around a table with 7 cold-blooded veterans.  The entry fee was upfront, the mood was tense, the bluffs were large, and the offered beverages were conspicuously potent.  After an early … Continue reading