Twelve-sided stoners

This photo shows a famous “12-angled” (or 12-sided) stone in a wall in Cuzco. The Incas bashed their stones into shape to perfectly fit together without mortar. My guess is that they’d started building this long wall from both ends and painted themselves into a corner in the middle, and this “12-sided” stone was the … Continue reading

Called by Cthulhu

I went for a run in a strange city, got lost, and stumbled upon the only landmark in the whole city that I knew. It was as though some unseen force had drawn me there. This is the Fleur-de-Lys Studios featured in H. P. Lovecraft’s most famous story ‘The Call of Cthulhu’, and as you … Continue reading

Mustang Sally for a week

Avis upgraded me to a Mustang Convertible recently because it was the only car they had left when I picked up my work rental. Yeah baby! That makes me cool, right? This is the first time I’ve been upgraded to something sporty. They sometimes try to tell me how pleased they are to offer me … Continue reading

Helping Elon Musk

I was seated in a high school athletics auditorium, surrounded by hordes of chanting kids. They were chanting for blood and victory and pneumatic controllers. Before us lay a scene of competing factions trying to assist mankind’s deep space ambitions by demonstrating their robots for quickly loading cargo into rocket ships. Highly skilled pilots stood … Continue reading

Feeling the Bern

I went to my first ever political rally recently because it was happening nearby, and I wanted to see what they were like. It turns out they’re sort of like going to a football game, but everyone’s rooting for the same team. Everyone wears team colours and waves signs, while high-fiving each other and feeling … Continue reading

Hearts and minds and poetry

Do you known what it feels like to have poetry whispered to you through long pipes by random actors in black? Me neither, but a lucky few folks at the Brooklyn Library do. If that isn’t a selling point for curiosity then I don’t know what is. I witnessed this activity from the mezzanine during … Continue reading

Safety first

When you’re drinking an advent calendar of beers with an old mate … safety first.

Candy Cane Lane

I went home for Chrissy, and a few of my peeps suggested that we go see the Christmas Lights. I was down. It turned into a wonderful little excursion like those I remember from childhood, but the game has changed so much. There’s a competition every year for the best street for Christmas lights (likely … Continue reading

Living Shrek’s life

My buddy and I recently caught a bus to upstate New York.  (Local lingo alert: “upstate” is basically anywhere that us city folk can’t point to on a map.  We’ve heard there’s other so-called “New Yorkers” up there but in a vaguely northerly direction, but probably without access to running water or the Subway).  We … Continue reading

Dumpster dining

I’ve never been more hipster than when I recently ate Roberta’s pizza while perched atop a skip full of rubbish.

Corsendonkulous Belgian Double Magnum

I recently had the occasion to drink a huge ass bottle of beer.  It all started in June 2017 when I stumbled upon a well-stocked beer store in Connecticut which featured a 3 Litre bottle of Corsendonk Christmas Ale from Belgium.  Even the guy at the beer shop was amused.  “Why do you want this?” … Continue reading

Three Men and a Baby

My mates and I struck a classic movie pose. See the trailer and real movie poster below. Trailer –

Astrology on Tap

Like many big cities, NYC has a veritable smorgasburg of free events – everything from movies to lectures and stargazing.  A few weeks ago I chanced upon a night of science talks run by Astronomy On Tap.  As you might have guessed from the name, the venue was a nearby pub (The Way Station).  The … Continue reading

Chunk with Chunk

Would you like your Chunk with a side of Chunk?  Lloyd showed me this street graffiti near Camden Town, London, so I did what felt natural. Yes, kids, this is a Goonies reference – a 1985 movie that’s sort of like Stranger Things without the magic. Goonies trailer – A fabulous horror remix of … Continue reading

5 out of 5 death’s heads ain’t bad

I’d heard of planetariums, sanitariums and solariums before but never a serpentarium.  When I spotted one at Cape Fear in North Carolina (yes, that Cape fear), I simply had to check it out. It felt like an indoor museum full of snakes and a few other reptiles in their own custom-built cages.  Watching snakes may … Continue reading

Pizza girls have needs

In Philly recently, I made my way to a brewery one evening – my modus operandi.  There I was drinking my beer, doing some work, when the night took an unexpected turn.  A local group (Broad Street Burlesque) was scheduled to perform and I just happened to be in the right place at the right … Continue reading

More Miyazaki Than Miyazaki

There was recently a showing of Miyazaki-inspired art in a small, NYC gallery, so I dutifully resurrected myself from slumber and took a gander.  The re-imaginings were really well done and plenty of them were good enough to be mistaken for the real McCoy.  My favourite was titled Bad Girls Club, featuring Princess Mononoke, and … Continue reading

Cell block tango

I was blindfolded, handcuffed to a couple of my friends, and led me into a prison cell, with a few accomplices similarly bound in the cell next door.  This wasn’t a remake of 50 Shades on Broadway or the next Hostel movie; this was an escape room.  Our mission was to work together to escape … Continue reading

Kids on their soapbox

I recently watched the South Slope Soap Box Derby, where kids build and ride gravity-assisted carts down a local street while the masses cheer them on towards their dreams of fortune and fame.  It’s a heartwarming image to think of a father and son hammering pieces of recycled furniture together into a makeshift vehicle that … Continue reading

Thai noodle hieroglyph

My Thai noodle soup was desperate to communicate with me through this stickman hieroglyph.

Total Partiality

Unless you live under a rock, or perhaps just any country that isn’t bombarded by US-centric pandemonia, you’d know that 21st August was the Great American Eclipse.  The hype was epic.  Thousands booked expensive flights to coincide with the path of totality, millions planned road trips to converge on the major towns in the same … Continue reading

The lost coffee bus

In Asheville, North Carolina, I stumbled onto this old London double decker that had been trapped, surrounded by angry pot plants and made to do terrible things.  Yes, they were using it to serve coffee.  Downstairs is for ordering and upstairs is where you sit and sip.  I don’t even like coffee but I had … Continue reading

Round and round the bar we go

On my last night in New Orleans, recently, I heard about the Carousel Bar, which of course I had to try.  There were no zebras or pink elephants on this carousel, just a round bar with a wooden bartop and stools which revolved slowly around the 2 barmen in the center.  I waltzed over, took … Continue reading

Attack of the killer pumpkins

When I recently heard that there was a pumpkin tossing festival in Denver, I couldn’t resist.  They call it Punkin Chunkin.  Now throwing gourds in the air might sound like a bit of frivolous fun, but it’s a seriously competitive and highly technical competition involving heavy equipment and scientific precision.  There’s regional, national and international … Continue reading

Harald the Dragon

Norway wants to pillage us all again, it seems.  They recently built an authentic-sized viking ship and sailed it over here via Greenland, where they presumably stopped to pick up weapons and raiding supplies.  Their raping and pillaging expedition of the Americas nearly came to an abrupt end when Canada’s beuracratic rules almost halted them … Continue reading

Jersey Murals

I was working in Jersey City lately, in the Grove St area and I spotted numerous, intricate, pretty murals everywhere.  I’m not sure why so many people make the effort to create these large murals on different buildings but it really helped spruce up the ‘hood. This was only the 2nd time in 4 years … Continue reading

The creation of Adam’s beer

When you walk into a random brewery in Denver and see 2 guys just posing like this … Brilliant.

Sofar Sounds

My sister is in NYC right now and we somehow stumbled onto Sofar Sounds.  It’s an event where they list intimate band nights at secret locations around the city.  There’s a strict head-count to keep things small, and you mostly can only get in by online lottery.  Best of all, it’s BYO so everyone brings … Continue reading

The Little Red Lighthouse That Could

A few weeks ago, the Little Red Lighthouse had an open day.  Open Days are a New York thing where they open private buildings to the public to take a squiz inside. The lighthouse itself wasn’t much more than a steel shell with a winding staircase, but it was interesting to hear the history and … Continue reading

Heavy auntie gaming

What are the odds that you meet up with your retired, long-lost auntie and she plays Agricola, one of the most revered, heavy, modern strategy games? Over the course of a few nights, we also played Tzolk’in, Endeavor, Notre Dame, Egezia, and Innovation. Impressive, non?

Annabel Lee

Continuing my Edgar Allan Poe craving of late, I made a journey to the Annabel Lee Tavern in Baltimore.  The tavern itself isn’t historic at all, but the owner is a huge Poe fan.  The decorations were ominously perfect for a spooky pint and a misgiving meatloaf. Poe’s Annabel Lee – A neat short … Continue reading

Master of Macabre

I’m no literary buff but when I realised that I was near the Edgar Allan Poe house in Richmond, Virginia, I figured I should have a sticky.  I read ‘The Raven’ to myself first to get into the mood of course, because it was the only one of his works that I actually knew (and … Continue reading

99 Red Balloons

Just before Christmas, I managed to convince 2 friends to go with me to a pop-up, interactive art exhibit without them knowing anything about it.  We had to wake up early and wait in the cold for an hour but all of our doubts subsided as soon as we walked in and saw a room … Continue reading

Paint and Jrink

My companion and I had never heard of painting and drinking classes, but when we saw one in New Orleans it just made so much sense to put the two together.  It was pretty easy, too.  All we had to do was sit on a chair with 7 other chilled out amateurs and follow the … Continue reading

Bourbon Street shuffle

My friend and I visited New Orleans recently with no expectations and no real plans other than to wander around and try whatever we found.  I tried a peanut butter and bacon burger.  She tried a deep fried Oreo and a chocolate coated Oreo.  What else do you need in life? Our best unexpected moment … Continue reading

La House of Ron

When it comes to spirits, I enjoy a rum and coke as much as the next man. Rum is my preferred spirit but I’m far from a connoisseur and I don’t really even like it straight. I’m the kind of guy that probably doesn’t belong in Antigua’s famed House of Rum, but destiny had plans … Continue reading

Jigsaw of Thrones

This is how I spent many, many hours with my family, back home.  We finished in the wee hours of my final morning there and it was totally worth it.  Yes, there are 3 layers – 2 layers of jigsaw and 1 layer of castles.  So good.

No Soup Nazi for me

I never realised that the Soup Nazi (from the famed Sienfeld episode) was a real “thing” until I bumped into his shop in NYC, the other day. I did a little research at home to make sure it was legit (and to make sure that I clearly understood the 3 rules of ordering) before I … Continue reading

Frozen Pints

Atlanta has introduced me to a few previously unheard of delicacies such as alligator spring rolls and fried cheesecake. But my best surprise came when I was visiting the local laundrette and discovered a fantastic little bodega with a remarkable selection of quality beers from around the world. They even had refillable growlers. I consider … Continue reading

Zoltar speaks

I bumped into a Zoltar machine, which took me back to the 80s for a moment. Between Julie and me, I’m almost certain that one of us was whispering, “I wish I were big”. For the rest of the week, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a giant foot piano. The dodgy ripoff … Continue reading

Little Italy Dishonoured

I saw this innovative ad on the corner of Little Italy, just near me. Cool, no? Americans say the darndest things: – Porridge is called oatmeal here.

Where’s George?

At my laundromat this weekend, the change machine wouldn’t accept my $1 bill.  On closer inspection, I noticed that the note had been defaced by a blue stamp saying  It turns out that this is a fun social project to track the movements of random bills around the country.  My bill was last spotted … Continue reading

1 in 64 Trillion

On Wednesday I went to a free improv comedy event in Central Park, which turned out to be really fun.  There was about 8 people and somehow they managed to consistently stay on the same page while changing the props, roles and scenarios. The show was made more enjoyable by the random bumping into of … Continue reading

A Salt & Battery

The best name ever for a fish and chipper.  I don’t like fish but I did London proud by having a chip butty.  It was much hot diggity.