Cholita Wrestling

She let out a furious yell and charged at the other woman across the ring. Her nuggetty opponent managed to spin and hip toss her so that her frilly dress made a colourful arc in the air as she fell. They both slammed into the mat with a reverberating thud. The 1st woman started moaning … Continue reading

Siberian Tranny Orchestra

One of the great bonuses of traveling for work is when my travels coincide with a band that I’m keen to see, often in some random, small town nearby. Earlier this year, it was Weird Al Yankowic, in Boston. Recently, it was the Trans Siberian Orchestra, in Worcester, Massachusetts. TSO is a semi-Christmas themed rock … Continue reading

Pretty pretty punkins

I was walking along a dark path with figures wandering around me. Gazing at me from the right was a buck-toothed bozo with big wide eyes. A little in front of me was a face with a scary scowl and tight, angry eyes. To my left was a round head with an extremely wide smile … Continue reading

Beyond The Streets

My old mate, Reenster came to NYC recently, so we ate a bunch of food and went to a graffiti exhibition called Beyond the Streets. This huge exhibition had all types of “street art”, from the initial surge of punk kids in Brooklyn’s ’60s up to today’s fancy and respected works. It was eye opening, … Continue reading

Hacking at the head

I was in a darkened auditorium with a simple stage before me featuring a pond, a lake, and 3 school girls. They squealed a little and took a selfie, like regular young folk. They seemed naive but within minutes they were mumbling something about hurley burleys before uttering that fateful name … “Macbeth”. For the … Continue reading

Everything for the Wookie

There’s a famous Australian burlesque show known as ‘The Empire Strips Back’ and, when it recently came to NYC, I simply had to see it. Picture all your favourite Star Wars characters and scenes, reproduced with high quality props and costumes. Now picture it more sexy. There was: Twi’leks dancing lithely, a sizzling storm trooper … Continue reading

Lovecraftian terrors

Late last year, I joined a bunch of other Lovecraftian fan at NYC’s annual Lovecraft Festival, Arkham Asylum. A handful of actors narrated his stories with extreme levels of panic and creepiness, inside a darkened church. This is undoubtedly the best way to immerse oneself in his terrible tales. Everything feels so much more real … Continue reading

Shakespeare under the heavens

On a recent evening in Central Park, I joined some friends in the Delacorte Theater to watch some good ol’ Shakespeare.  The theatre was gorgeous, surrounded by trees and the nearby Belvedere Castle.  The atmosphere was buzzing and reminiscent of my fond memories from the Globe Theatre in London.  Amphitheatres always seem to lend a … Continue reading

Once upon a midnight dreary

I recently stumbled upon an Edgar Allen Poe festival in NYC and immediately seized myself tickets for a couple of different performances.  Poe is a master.  I only really discovered Poe 2 years ago, and have rapidly devoured his best material since then.  I even managed to travel to his houses and museums in Baltimore, … Continue reading

Fearing the Reaper

It took us a few hours in a rental car to travel to the backwaters of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  We parked in a dark and dusty (yet oddly heaving) car park.  As we walked along the path, an eery mist floated over the pond on our right, accompanied by the fitting song, ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’.  … Continue reading

Pizza girls have needs

In Philly recently, I made my way to a brewery one evening – my modus operandi.  There I was drinking my beer, doing some work, when the night took an unexpected turn.  A local group (Broad Street Burlesque) was scheduled to perform and I just happened to be in the right place at the right … Continue reading

Swifty Swine Racing

I went to the Maryland State Fair, in Towson, Maryland, and the most entertaining spectacle by far was the Swifty Swine Racing.  This involved 4 little piggies trotting around the track to win their favourite treat – an Oreo cookie.  The stars of the show all had cute names like Kim Kardashiham, Justin Bieboar, Christina … Continue reading

The Bowie package at Red Rocks

Just outside of Denver is a picturesque set of rock formations making large, slanted walls like a stegosaurus’ plates or a waddle of penguins leaning into a brisque wind.  It’s a stunning view from the city, looks even better up close, appears heavenly at dusk, and is mesmerising when accompanied by a giant projection of … Continue reading

Old Razzle Dazzle, Ole

My sister and I recently saw Chicago on Broadway.  She was definitely the right person to see it with because we were both already in love with the movie version so we knew all of the words by-heart.  Roxy Hart was clearly a little older than the others but she was impressively vibrant and lithe, … Continue reading

Sofar Sounds

My sister is in NYC right now and we somehow stumbled onto Sofar Sounds.  It’s an event where they list intimate band nights at secret locations around the city.  There’s a strict head-count to keep things small, and you mostly can only get in by online lottery.  Best of all, it’s BYO so everyone brings … Continue reading

Stana the cowboy

My dreams came true recently when I nabbed a ticket to see the Flight of the Conchords at a small show in New York.  They’re a musical duo from New Zealand who perform hilarious songs of various styles with a comedic tone that is distinctly antipodean.  They also created a TV show a few years … Continue reading

Fight at a Missy Higgins concert

Missy Higgins is a folk singer from Australia whose earthy, simple and deep music I enjoy.  She recently came to NYC to play at Rough Trade NYC, which is some kind of huge, hip record store from London with a nice stage out the back that is perfect for an intimate concert. Predictably, half the … Continue reading

Bourbon Street shuffle

My friend and I visited New Orleans recently with no expectations and no real plans other than to wander around and try whatever we found.  I tried a peanut butter and bacon burger.  She tried a deep fried Oreo and a chocolate coated Oreo.  What else do you need in life? Our best unexpected moment … Continue reading

Tassels with a D20 twist

While at the aforementioned DexCon, I signed up to watch a burlesque show. Not just any burlesque show, mind you, this was D20 Burlesque (hint: D20 is a nickname for a 20-sided die, commonly used in super geeky gaming activities). Their shtick is that all of their acts are geek-themed i.e. elves, vampires, robots and … Continue reading

That kabuki moment

I was in Tokyo around Christmas time and I managed to make my way to the famous kabuki-za theatre in Tokyo, despite everyone’s best efforts to get me lost.  (Seriously, don’t trust directions from a Japanese local.)  The entrance was grand and illuminated but I entered through the plain side door where tourists, grannies and … Continue reading

The Last Ship sailed

Recently, I spotted in a magazine that Sting had written a musical named ‘The Last Ship’ which was opening on Broadway soon.  I sampled his soundtrack on Spotify, which sounds nothing like his popular 80s music, but is instead full of mellow, shipyard ditties in his natural, northern accent.  I fell in love with it … Continue reading

Sugar Tits

Last month, an artist by the name of Karen Walker showed a provocative art exhibition about sugar and slavery in Williamsburg. it was in an old sugar refinery that is due to be torn down soon, so seeing the exhibition was literally a now-or-never moment. I was glad that I did. The humongous sphinx made … Continue reading

A landmark theatre

I went with a friend to watch Terry Gilliam’s Brazil at the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre. The movie’s plot was incoherent but this was made up for by the ancient opulence of the theatre which thoroughly astounded me. It looked like the kind of fancy venue that would hold ballets and operas, not plain old … Continue reading

You Bred Raptors?

Last week, I got to see a local NYC band that I’ve been dying to see. You Bred Raptors? is a 3-man instrumental band that comprises of only percussion, cello and bass. They have a weird fixation on dinosaurs, always perform in a variety of masks, and have a staunch commitment to playing in the … Continue reading

Notes from the BSO

I’m not much of a classical music fan but I figured that I should check out the Boston Symphony Orchestra while I was in their home, given that’s it’s one of the best regarded orchestras in the world and one of the US’s “big five”. The programme had 3 pieces: William Vaughan’s Symphony #6 in … Continue reading


NYC’s French film festival, Rendez-vous, was on so, following my appreciation of the Jewish film festival recently, I gave it a shot. I watched all the trailers and, just as I expected from the French, all of the movies centered around sex and triangles (not the musical variety). The movie that I chose, Grand Central, … Continue reading

Jewish Flicks

Two weekends ago, I decided to try out the New York Jewish Film Festival at the Lincoln Center. Rather than commit to some random, long, unknown movie, I went to a session of 4 short films. Shorts are more rewarding anyway – they don’t have time and budgets to waste so they stick to the … Continue reading

Full metal jousting

It has been scientifically proven that, at the core of every modern man, lies the primal desire to rip meat from bones with his bare hands, challenge a scoundrel by slapping him in the face with a metal gauntlet and then unhorse him with a lance while galloping at perilous speed. I had my chance … Continue reading

Four Score and Seven

Ever since seeing the Battle of Hastings re-enactment in the UK a few years ago, I’ve had Gettysburg on my to-do list. I’d heard that Americans put a lot of effort into their Civil War re-enactments, and Gettysburg would surely be the biggest and best. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is only about 5 hours drive from NYC, … Continue reading

Mutton Bustin’

I was in Texas for June and we all know that Texas is made of 3 things: boots, hats and rodeos (sorry, Texas, but stereotyping is easier than real research). Yeehaw! Cowboy boots were too expensive but I got me a fine hat and wore it with pride to a small rodeo near San Antonio. … Continue reading

Sleep No More

2 weeks ago, I took my friend to a truly unique play for her birthday. Sleep No More was the name of the “play” (which the Shakesperean among you might recognise as a line from Macbeth). It really was a whole lot more than a play though; it was an “immersive theatre production” and the … Continue reading

Grand Chapiteau

On Friday, a friend took me to see my first ever Cirque Du Soleil. It was called Totem and it was wonderful! The costumes and theatrics made it really captivating. Some of the most interesting acts were: a feminine duo who spun small rugs around on their hands and feet in awkward and connected positions; … Continue reading

The good times rolled

On a whim, I joined a few friends at a skee-ball bar named Full Circle in hip Williamsburg. I figured that this was an American activity that I should check out, plus the skee-ball and hot dogs were free (always a hit with me). The place didn’t disappoint. It was just like a regular decent … Continue reading

Doing The Time Warp

I’ve always enjoyed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and indeed have watched it a few times in my life. On Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending a midnight screening of it for an event where amateur actors also perform all the parts while standing in front of the screen. I had no idea … Continue reading

Nosferatu reinvigorated

When I was a teen, I saw Nosferatu (1922 b&w silent film) and hated it. I think I’d just seen Bram Stoker’s Dracula and it paled in comparison. That was a long time ago and prior to my being reintroduced to silent films at the Prince Charles Cinema by Luke (Boris Bike novice and silent … Continue reading

The Letterman experience

Yesterday, I scored last-minute tickets to David Letterman. I had to answer a trivia question, though, so before calling back to confirm, I had to do some online research to prepare. I used to love Letterman but to be honest it was about 17 years ago that I used to watch it regularly, back in … Continue reading

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

A theatre festival was on here and I watched a short musical about 3 ukulele-playing Mormon wives, described as a musical comedy “about the fundamentals of big hair, blind faith, and just how plural a marriage can get.” Yes, it sounds crazy and I quite enjoyed it. Most of it featured the 3 women playing … Continue reading

Mostly Sondheim

Last weekend I was invited to watch my friend perform at Mostly Sondheim.  It’s a weekly event at The Duplex, a piano bar, where people get together for a drink and to perform their favourite show tunes to each other.  It’s sort of like karaoke, but the quality is high, you have to know the … Continue reading

Into the Danger Zone

NYC really comes alive with free and fun outdoor events, in the warmer months.  Last weekend, I went to a free outdoor screening of Top Gun.  It so happened that it was screened on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid, in the Hudson River.  I can’t think of a better place to … Continue reading

Seize the music

I’m happy to report that in the past month I’ve managed to see my top 3 bands of the last 2 years.  These are the 3 new (for me) bands that I’ve been listening to over and over on Spotify.  I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela, Florence + the Machine, and Regina Spektor.  I also managed … Continue reading

A man of the arts

I’ve really been arting it up in NYC.  In London, I grew a passion for the fine arts when I saw a few plays, operas, ballets and best of all attended the Shakepeare’s Globe with my buddies.  Without really realising it, I’ve already pursued a lot of it here in NYC too. When Kay and … Continue reading