The hygge Haagen

I recently made it to a Brooklyn Haagen-Dazs for their free cone day … because the only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream.  It surprised me that the line wasn’t round the block and 3 hours long, like it would have been in Manhattan.  People in New York suffer from severe trend-chasing … Continue reading

Brooklyn’s floribundas

Now that I’m a Brooklynite, I’m starting to check out what this new borough has to offer, apart from moustache wax and wide-brimmed hats. I took my first ever jaunt to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens near Prospect Park.  Flowers aren’t normally my thing but it was pretty darn pleasant.  The place was divided up into … Continue reading

Rooftop Firefly

Last night I was at a Firefly screening on the roof of a nifty loft apartment in Brooklyn. For the uninitiated (why are we even friends?), Firefly is an 11 year-old sci fi show about a fun crew of space cowboy/smugglers. Fans like yours truly have adored it ever since it was axed after only … Continue reading