Four Jolly Santas

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of bumping into Santa … all four of them. They were chilling in Chinatown on their way to Santacon 2012 – a raucous event where throngs dress up as Santa/helpers and frolick around the city all day. It happens all over the world and apparently NYC is one of … Continue reading

The night was dark and stormy

Frankenstorm was the friendly name that we gave to Hurricane Sandy because it threatened to ravage NYC just prior to Halloween. It ended up causing wild devastation for some and dull boredom for most. Here was my experience: – Sunday: I performed The Thriller at my friend’s halloween party and opted to sleep over to … Continue reading

69 Bayard

I’m starting to develop a tradition with a buddy whereby we watch a free dance or music performance (NYC offers many of these around summertime) and then follow it up with a meal in Chinatown.  He’s Asian and was quite disturbed when I mentioned that I’d been living in Chinatown for 4 months but hadn’t … Continue reading