The Maven

It’s been almost exactly a year since I last saw a NYC roller derby and it was so good to be back in my local hood, watching my local death wheelers. The bout was just as fierce as I remembered, and the derby virgins that I brought with me were over the moon about the … Continue reading


Work brought me to Houston last week and San Antonio this week so I was near Austin and I absolutely had to see their famous roller derby, TXRD. Austin is one of the remaining bastions of banked track roller derby, from back when it was strongly inspired by WWF wrestling and more of a scripted … Continue reading

The Golden Skate is ours

Last weekend was NYC’s local roller derby championships, with the Brooklyn Bombshells trying to defend their title against the Manhattan Mayhem. I was so happy that my borough, Manhattan, won. Both teams were extremely fired up and skated super fast for the whole match. The girls got aggressive and we saw many trips to the … Continue reading

BK, the Mini-Me

When I left London, a little hole was created in my closest circle of gaming friends. I’d like to think that I had provided some clever strategy, shameless aggression, cheekiness, sneakiness and general good humour. How could they possibly find all that again in one package? Enter Bonnie Kate. She’s young, she’s crafty, and she’s … Continue reading

Manhattan Mayhem

Last weekend, I watched another local roller derby bout between the Manhattan Mayhem and Brooklyn Bombshells.  The score ebbed and flowed and came right down to the wire.  At parts, the bout got really heated and the refs needed to have big pow wows for some of their decisions.  The atmosphere was top-rate, with jeerleaders, … Continue reading

Rolling with the Rebels

Last night I went to a double-header roller derby bout in Long Island.  I managed to make some trackside friends, whilst sitting in the suicide zone, which was great fun.  They also took me to a pub to hang out with the team afterwards.  Much frivolity occurred and they made me eat spicy wings – … Continue reading

Call me Scream Puff

In keeping with my desire to see and try new things, I went to a roller derby game on Saturday night.  I enjoyed it immensely.  It’s sort of like rugby on skates.  Each team has 4 tough girls and 1 quick girl on track, and basically the quick one has to whizz arond and try … Continue reading