Dear Snow

Dear Snow, I used to enjoy your company so much. You never visited where I grew up so I had to travel for days just to see you. We’d play together with my brothers and I’d jump on top of you and throw you about. As we grew up, we learned to snowboard together and … Continue reading

Big chill

When I rented my car for my New Jersey customer in November, it came with a little wooden snow brush with ice scraper attached. At the time, I scoffed, thinking we’d never have enough snow to actually warrant it’s use, but lo this little fellow has been a stalwart ally during this aggressively snowy season. … Continue reading

Renegade weather

Precisely a week ago, I was hanging out on my roof, with a flatmate, in nothing but shorts and a tee. Today, it’s 0 degrees and it’s snowing! How d’you like that, Australia? I do love the snow, so no complaints from me. I gave myself a couple of excuses to go and trudge around … Continue reading