Woe to cold turkey

Last year, I participated in a special treat that is occasionally offered to random lone wolfs across America. They call it … Friendsgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving but with friends. It makes sense in big cities like NYC because a lot of folk don’t have family nearby to eat with. Most Yankees plan ahead and travel … Continue reading

A Turkish delight

I’ve always liked Turkey’s most popular foods – baklava, Turkish delight and kebabs – so it was natural that I would seek them out when I visited old Constantinople. While hunting down these tasty morsels, I saw all the most famous sites – the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofiya, the Grand Bazaar and the Galata Tower … Continue reading

Dead Diggers and long-haired Achaeans

My flight home for Xmas took me over Turkey so I opted to stop in and take a tour of Gallipoli and Troy.  Gallipoli is important to Aussies because the Turks buried a lot of our lads there in WWI.  Troy is important to me because Homer wrote a cool story about burying some Trojans … Continue reading